Customer Care
At Evolve Aqua Solutions , we continuously strive to serve our customers with a variety of services that are categorized as:
  • Product Sales
  • In – Plant Services
  • Condition Monitoring
    Product Sales
    includes material sale of anything and everything required to ensure smooth + reliable working of your system.
  • Treatment Chemicals: For coagulation, flocculation, disinfection, de-chlorination, polymer based chemicals, etc.
  • Specialty Chemicals: For SDI reduction, microbial removal, Effluent Color removal, etc.
  • Cleaning Chemicals: For RO, UF, MF, NF, EDI, etc.
  • Anti-scalants: For RO, UF, MF, etc.
  • Coolling Tower & Boiler Trématent Chemisals
  • Components & Spares: Pumps, Motor, Blowers, Agitator, Valve-Fittings, etc.
  • Consumables: Cartridges, Gaskets, O Rings, etc.
  • Instruments: Analyzers, Transmitters, Sensors, etc.
  • Equipment’s: RO System, DM Plant , Pretreatment , Ultrafiltration ,clarifier, Filters, Softeners, Mix Beds, Dosing Systems, etc.
    In-Plant Services
    includes on site active services extended by us.
  • Total Water Management Services with Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • OTS & Calibration Services
  • Trouble Shooting & Repairing Services
  • O & M Contracts (Comprehensive & Non comprehensive)
  • On Site Lab Services & Retrofitting, Revamping, Modification Services
  • Field as well as Class Room Training
    Condition Monitoring
    includes on site analytical, review and monitoring services:
  • Lab Services
  • System Design Study & Report
  • Equipment Inspection & ReportsRoot Cause Failure, Investigative Analysis & System Validation
    Operation & Maintenance
  • Reduction in operational costs [power, chemicals, consumables & spares]
  • Reduction in unforeseen breakdowns – little or no downtime
  • Compliance to safety, health & environment regulations
  • Option of non-comprehensive, comprehensive or pay by litre basis
  • Complete responsibility of supply of treated water in requisite quantity & quality
  • Manpower to services to spares to consumables provided by CCD allows customer to focus on their core competencies
    AMCs & On Call Services
  • Preventive maintenance & trouble shooting visits to customers during defect liability period
  • AMC package delivers maintenance & upkeep to the water & waste water equipments by the most trusted engineers in the industry
  • AMC follows preventive maintenance concept to deliver optimum value to customer
  • Regular features of AMC include scheduled inspection visits and scheduled preventivemaintenance and services
  • AMC activates priority allotment of spares, chemicals & consumables
  • On call service & troubleshooting visits to customers who are not in warranty or AMC
  • Reliable and optimum solution for howsoever complex a problem is Water audits & water testing
    Retrofit & Upgradation
  • Ideal solution to meet customer's expansion plans
  • Provides best possible solution for changed conditions in the main plant
  • Upgrade existing plant scheme for enhanced requirements through retrofitting
  • Complete program comprehensively planned & supervised by professionals with high qualifications, skills & years of experience
  • Unique schemes for converting the existing manual / semi-automated plants to fully automated operation
    Spares & Chemicals
  • Genuine, quality spares enhances the operational reliability & longevity of the customer's plant. Quality & inspection procedures, applicable to spare parts, are the same as that of the water treatment plant
  • Being an OEM, we have the distinct & unique advantage of being able to supply the exact blend & quality of chemicals to meet the process design requirement of the plant
  • In-house design & engineering capabilities enable us to standardize application of chemicals on plants of any make & design
  • While maintaining one of the largest inventories of spares in the industry, customers, from any location, can order a wide range of replacement parts and consumables, from valves, pumps, resins & membranes, on our 24 / 7 customer care mail id info@evolveaqua.com
    Areas of Expertise & Services at a glance
  • Raw water intake system / equipments
  • Water & waste water transmission
  • Water & waste water treatment plants
  • Municipal water / waste water treatment plants
  • Sea water desalination systems
  • Effluent recycling system / ZLD system for reuse & reclaim through ENVISOL
  • Potable water system
  • High purity water system
  • Intake / pretreatment equipments
  • Evaporator & Crystallizer System from ENVISOL
  • Complete water cycle management
  • Spares, chemicals & consumables
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Operation & maintenance contracts
  • On call services
  • Retrofit & revamping jobs
  • Water testing & water audits